On-Site Corporate Chair Massage

Corp-Chair-MassageCorporate Chair Massage has many health benefits that make it an ideal addition for any company wellness program, or employee benefits package. A 15 minute chair massage has been proven to increase problem solving skills, alertness, and productivity over the standard 15 minute coffee break.  There is also the beneficial decrease in stress, fatigue, and employee dissatisfaction over their job. This can especially be useful during times of increased activity, or the approach of important client project deadlines.  For those employees whose job requires considerable physical activity, professional massage has been shown to be a preemptive measure against work site injuries. In addition office, and warehouse conflicts can be reduced as well when tensions are released via massage. Major corporations such as Google, IBM, Delta Airlines, and The Weather Channel have corporate chair massage programs to create happy workers with increased job performance.  Certainly offering your employees the wonderful wellness of therapeutic on site massage will give you an edge over your competition!  Call (414)416-5934, or fill out our Online Contact Form for more information on how to get started with a chair massage program for your Southeastern Wisconsin business.

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