About Massage Max Wellness

I attended Herzing University/Lakeside Massage Therapy Program from 2011 to 2012, and have been practicing massage since early 2013. Massage has opened my eyes to a whole new way of managing health, stress, and pain. I have a passion for Massage Therapy, wellness, and a drive to continue my education. Massage Therapy is truly a rewarding career and I would not change anything about the path that I took.

I offer Swedish, therapeutic, deep tissue, trigger point, and hot stone massage.  I also work on location doing chair massages for office events, or table massages for small group parties.

I am here to give you a natural approach to managing your health, pain, and daily stresses. We are always using the muscles we have therefore we really need to take care of them. We go to the doctor when we get sick or hurt yet ignore sore, and tense muscles. Listen to your body for the hurt that calls for professional targeted massage. Not only do our bodies need it, but sometimes our minds need it too! We can become mentally exhausted, and a nice quiet relaxing massage to take your mind off things can really help. The benefits from massage therapy are endless. Book a massage session today and enjoy all the benefits for yourself.   Simply call (414)416-5934 to book an appointment.

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